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Open Carrier

Open carrier transport is our #1 choice by most clients. It is a safe and reliable way to transport your vehicle. With an open carrier your vehicle will be up on a carrier but will also be out in the elements and other pitfalls of the road. For the most part there are no problems and this is safer and puts less wear and tear on the vehicle than if you were driving it. 

Enclosed Carrier

Enclosed carrier transport is for those special instances that require a little extra care. This is more expensive but provides the safest possible mode of transport. The following are some reasons you might request an enclosed carrier.

  • Low Clearance

  • One of a Kind or Extremely Rare Vehicle

  • Harsh or Inclement Weather Conditions

  • Vehicle used for Advertising or Show

Offshore Shipping

Offshore shipping is for customers transporting vehicles to Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Europe. Your vehicle will be picked up in either an open or enclosed carrier and transported to the port of which ever company is assigned to take it across to it's destination. You can choose between Containerized or Roll-On Roll-Off. 

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